Wild Rose Ranch Haflingers

Once upon a time not so long ago............

in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, lived an elderly man(Bob) and his beautiful princess( that's me, Carolyn!).  This is the love story between Bob and Carolyn and their extraordinary Austrian Haflinger horses...... 

Beautiful Athletic  Haflingers and Arabians Are Our Goal

Wild Rose Ranch is dedicated to breeding and selling the finest Haflingers and Half Arabians for discerning owners world wide. Our Stallion, Benji MOF is one of only four B line Haflinger stallions licensed and registered with the American Haflinger Registry in the United States.    

His first foal crop is coming spring 2011!

Our three exceptional Haflinger mares and two purebred Arabian mares are due to foal on or around April 1.  Check back to see our beautiful foals as they arrive.